Going Google Migration Calendar
The major events for users of the Google migration are indicated on the calendar below.  You will receive notification before your group's email and calendar migration takes place. Once it is complete, you can log into your Google account and check that your information has transferred successfully.

What to Expect During the Migration Period:
  1. You will receive an email indicating that your account is in the next group to be migrated.  You may continue to use your Microsoft Exchange (current account) until the migration is complete.

  2. When your account migration has completed, your Google account will be ready to use, and your Microsoft Exchange account access will be turned off. When you log in to your old account using Webmail, you will receive a login error like the one displayed here, and can then proceed to login and use your Google Apps for Education account.  Please see the Your First Days section of this site for instructions about logging in to your new account.

  3. You will have 14 days after the college reopens on January 2, 2013 to verify that your email and calendar information has transferred appropriately.  If you find any problems, please submit a ticket with details about any issues to the IT Support Center using the web form at http://itsupport.smcm.edu so that we may assist you in locating your information.

  4. Once your account migration is complete, your new email will only be received by your Google account.  No new email will be received in your Microsoft Exchange account.